Dear Vivacious Vibrant Viveka – Thank you so much for taking the time to help me set up my LinkedIn account.  I am new in a new land trying to set up a new life and LinkedIn seemed a tad overwhelming to me.  You gave me a much needed boost.  You are awesome at what you do!  Blessings – Maria S.

Mari Smith, Author of “Facebook in an hour a day”: “Viveka is an exceptionally knowledgeable LinkedIn and social media trainer. I’ve had the great pleasure of featuring Viveka several times on my various classes – including for the International Social Media Association – and she always delivers. Not only does Viveka have tremendous expertise on LinkedIn in particular, her teaching style is extremely effective. She has the ability to chunk down and sequence everything you need to know to really optimize and succeed using LinkedIn. I would highly recommend Viveka for your social media team as a speaker, trainer and consultant. She will help you get measurable results, no question! Two thumbs way up. :) ” November 16, 2009

Susan Smith, Executive Director, The Alliance Academy:  “Viveka is truly a Master of Social Media and a pleasure to work with on any project. Her expertise has taught me how to master LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. I no longer travel alone becuase Viv is always there to guide me and ensure I make the most of my time and efforts. I highly recommend engaging Viv for maximum results” March 25, 2010

Frank Cottle, Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Speaker, Executive Suite & Virtual Office Expert, Alliance Business Centers Network: “It is rare today to find any individual who is able to simultaneously maintain the proper balance of growth, communications and experience. You have it all; and working with you has been both a pleasure and a learning experience. Your expertise and sense of your surroundings, as well as awareness of others, is a unique combination that is greatly appreciated by all that have worked with you on our Alliance team and within the Business Center Industry at large. I am looking forward to a long term and rewarding relationship. Frank Cottle – Chairman, Alliance Business Centers Network” January 29, 2010

Robert Hayes, President, CynoCast.com:  “She is very knowledgeable on every social media site including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. As an experienced social media consultant, she knows the ins-and-outs of each site like they were her own. We are fortunate to have her locally right here in Colorado. You will also not find a nicer person to associate with. She’s been a great friend ever since I met her.” September 21, 2009

Barry Plaskow:  CEO, SuccessBug.com:  “Viveka is a supreme master of anything related to social media. She goes beyond the call of duty and is heavily respected by leading marketers around the world. When it comes to Linkedin and other platforms, she is the go to person all the experts are really using. If you are lucky to get her to work with you, grab the opportunity!” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jim Davidson:  “Viveka has an expert knowledge of LinkedIn and was able to help me create a professional profile that will get me found on LinekdIn.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Stephanie Hillberry, Founder, Speaker, Blogger, Online Media, Designer, Stephanie Hillberry Speaking & Online Media:  “I had the pleasure of a one-on-one consultation with Viveka where she coached me on leveraging LinkedIn for my business success. Viveka is very knowledgeable on all aspects of social media and I would recommend her to anyone searching for tools to advance their presence online!” May 4, 2010