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Women in Social Media: Speak up!

It’s the right Time, It’s the Right Place – Where Are you?

According to, men are – among other things – independent, objective, logical, detached, manipulative, ambitious, intimidating, visual, and aggressive.  (Hey – I’m not the one who said it!)  One might postulate that – traditionally – the business world has been very “masculine” in nature.  We’ve all seen MadMen – that’s the business culture most of us grew up in.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the world wide web  – the world flattened, our kids grew up, and traditional American business culture has been turned, literally, upside down.  What was once top-down and linear has gone bottom up and organic.  Resulting in some very interesting phenomena – namely Social Media.

Interestingly – many of the traits of social media are also considered “feminine”:  Communicative, organic, responsive, intuitive, authentic.

Some other interesting statistics?  The typical consumer is shifting as well.  According to Stephanie Holland of, its boomer women that are gaining ground as the most powerful consumers:

  • Boomer women are more financially empowered than any previous generation of women (Mary Brown)
  • Senior women age 50 and older control net worth of $19 trillion and own more than three-fourths of the nation’s financial wealth. (MassMutual Financial Group–2007)
  • The 55 to 75 year-old female has seen her role change from homemaker to purchaser of security, convenience and luxury items. – Barbara Kleger, president of 55+ Consulting

More facts?  According to, women are also the fastest growing population on facebook, and other social media sites.

So if Social Media responds best to feminine traits, and women are the fastest growing population on Social media, then – WHY THE HECK ARE YOU NOT USING SOCIAL MEDIA AS EFFECTIVELY AS YOU COULD BE?  We’ve got the natural advantage!

It’s time to speak up!  Social media allows us freedoms and opportunities we have never had before.  But in order to make the best of this phenomenon, we need to lose some of the typical female responses. (Yes – I have heard every single one of these)

  • “Oh, I could never do that.”
  • “But technology is a guy thing, it’s too overwhelming”
  • “But that would be bragging!”
  • “I’m too private a person”

I’m here to tell you – GET OVER IT!  Women are the fastest growing demographic in the fastest growing cultural phenomenon.  And Social Media by its very nature is supportive or our “natural traits.”  It’s absolutely our arena to shine and find success.  Do not let “The Little Ol’ Me” Syndrome keep you from finding that success.  Social media is easy, it’s accessible, and it’s a forum for sharing and listening and helping people.  What could be more natural?  Hesitating from entering this amazing new world IS KEEPING YOU FROM OPPORTUNITY!

Fortunately – I am a complete evangelist for women and social media.  And I am going to tell you everything I know to help you find success.  For those women who are already on social media, (and LinkedIn in particular) but are not getting any business from it, I’m going to help you too.  This is absolutely the time to let our voices be heard, express our knowledge, and expertise.  As my friend Joel Comm says, if you are not out there sharing your gifts with the world, then you are doing the world a disservice.  So join me next time – and let your voice be heard!

Next up:  Extreme Makeover, LinkedIn Edition.

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